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Keynote: The International Powder & Bulk Solids Sector in 2021 and Beyond
8–9 a.m. CST

The powder & bulk solids sector is about to undergo massive change. Attend our opening keynote presented by Rosemary Coates, Exec. Director of the Reshoring Institute, to hear what opportunities lie ahead, and what role advanced manufacturing technologies will play to drive greater safety, agility, and profitability in the processing industries.

Ask the Experts: Advanced Manufacturing Tech for Powder & Bulk Solids Handling
9–10 a.m. CST

Have questions about advanced manufacturing in your dry manufacturing process? Attend this session to raise questions and get expert insights from the experts at REMBE, Siemens, and Kasa Controls. Question submission forms are sent to all registrants.

Industry 5.0 for Food & Beverage Processing
10–11 a.m. CST

Learn from the experts at Spec Engineering how the food and beverage industry are using technologies like AI, robotics and advanced human-machine "interfaces" to adapt in a time of crisis— and how they’ll use those same technologies to become more agile, safe and profitable in 2021 and beyond.

Innovation Power Hour
11 a.m.–12 p.m. CST

Hear from process experts driving innovation in the sector, including Jenike & Johanson and NDC Technologies. See demonstrations of cutting-edge solutions and learn how to improve your process, enhance your ability to manage risk, ensure safety, and be more profitable.

Roundtable Networking
12–1 p.m. CST

Enjoy some facetime as you meet new people and reconnect with colleagues at the Roundtable Networking session. Moderated discussions explore the industry’s most pressing topics such as combustible dust control, material handling and storage, conveying, automation and more.

Understanding and Controlling Size Reduction in Processing or Milling — a Mechanistic View
1–2 p.m. CST

Presenter Dr. Kerry Johanson of Material Flow Solutions Inc. will address controlling breakage of material in processes, including milling. When we understand what causes a particular material to break and how it breaks, we can use that knowledge to understand/predict how a particular material might behave in a mill or other prescribed process.

Tech Talks
2–3 p.m. CST

Get up to speed on core concepts of powder & bulk solids handling and dry processing, an industrial sector which touches 70% of everything humans use. Gain practical insight through equipment demonstrations and connect with the experts you need to build your process and keep it running, including IEP Technologies, Scientific Dust Collectors, JohnPac, and more.

How to Make A Business Case for Dust Hazard Analysis and Combustible Dust Safety
3–4 p.m. CST

With DHAs up for renewal every five years, plant owners must proactively manage the true cost of combustible dust hazards. Attend this session presented by Chris Giusto, PE, Director of Industrial Projects & Combustible Dust Safety at Hallam-ICS, to better understand DHA requirements in risk management terms and how to drive accountability at the best price.